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THE LEADERSHIP COACHING Package has been especially designed for those who want to inspire positive change, create a lasting impact, walk the talk, and surpass all expectations. It is for those who do not want to bind themselves with banal notions, but explore, expand, experiment, and excel more and more every single day. Whether you're just starting out, or undergoing transition, or intend to leave a legacy, we have the resources, tools, and expertise to help you unleash your highest potential. This Package covers ~ 

  • Extended DISC Assessment

  • Seven One On One Coaching Sessions

  • Master Class on Redefining Leadership & Legacy

  • Personal Transformation Toolkit

  • Powerful Resources based on Positive Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming 

  • Strategies for Dealing with Stress & Anxiety 

  • Progress Tracking Mechanisms

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THE WORKPLACE WELLNESS Package is for Organisations that truly care about employee well-being, positive work culture, balance, fulfilment, enhanced capabilities and productivity. One of our core beliefs is that individuals form the bedrock, the brick & mortar, the raw material of every organisation and organisations are only as strong as the people who manage them. Studies reveal that an average person spends more than 35% of her/his lifetime at work and if the work-space isn't fulfilling enough, there always remains a serious void. We offer to bridge the gap with ~

  • Program on Re-invigorating the Workplace

  • Coaching sessions on Social & Emotional Intelligence

  • Interpersonal Rapport, Trust, & Team Building Workshops

  • Conflict Resolution & Workplace Healing

  • The E-4 Employee Coaching Program - Empowerment, Engagement, Enthusiasm, and Efficiency  

  • The M.A.P Masterclass - Mindset + Action + Performance

  • Corporate Mindfulness and Meditation

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THE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Package includes Learning & Development Services, and is customised and optimised to suit the ever changing needs of businesses. We offer management consulting services for organisational development, operational efficiency, customer service and satisfaction, branding, marketing, sales, talent acquisition, inclusion & diversity, smoother management, and business transitions. Our team of business and financial experts, executive coaches, consultants, and L&D professionals can help you ~

  • Upscale your Performance, Productivity, and Profits

  • Boost your Return On Investment

  • Acquire the Best Talent and Improve Employee Retention

  • Study and Understand the Market Better 

  • Improve Customer Experience and Loyalty, and

  • Enhance Organisational Learning & Development 

  • We also offer Strategic Planning, Coaching, and Consulting for Small Businesses

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THE PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION Package is for those who want to take charge and make change! It is for those who're willing to let go of anything that blocks their highest evolution, and for the ones who're one hundred percent committed to usher positive transformation in their lives. This package promises to create a Brand New You, with a sparkling new lifestyle that is holistic and sustainable. We work towards achieving Holistic Wellness of the Mind, Body, & Soul, and we craft Holistic Success in all areas of life including Career, Abundance, Relationships, and Self-mastery. Our Ultimate Goal? To help you "Realise, Tap, and Celebrate Your Own Power and Live Your Absolute Best Life" 

  • DISC and Other Assessments including Emotional Quotient

  • 13 Coaching Sessions with Founder Coach Manpreet K.

  • Master Class on Creating Positive, Paradigm & Permanent Shift in Attitude + Aspirations + Action + Achievement

  • Powerful Self Improvement Resources based on Positive Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Personal Transformation Toolkit + Progress Tracking, and more!

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