Do you have what it takes to be emotionally resilient? Read on to find out!

1. Emotionally robust people understand that keeping high expectations from others, multiplies the chances of being let down, and so, they don’t construct huge castles of unrealistic expectations. Hence, not only do they save themselves from disappointment, but also save others from feeling crushed under the weight of mammoth expectations. They know that the secret of success and happiness is to keep high expectations from none but oneself, and to work towards living up to a worthy self-image.

2. Emotionally strong people are excellent THOUGHT MANAGERS. They compartmentalise their thoughts, and do so, with impressive, quick-witted skilfulness. Anything that’s dis-serving or unnerving promptly gets kicked out of their minds, straight into the trash bin. Anything that’s positive and purposeful gets registered and transmuted into action.

3. Emotionally secure individuals don’t take things personally. They understand that people act rather inappropriately, because they’re only trying to untangle their inner conflicts and dilemmas.

4. Emotional haleness has a lot to do with humour! Taking things seriously is not what the hearty ones do. They stride through life with an air of lightsomeness, a dash of easiness, and the spirit of idyllic joyfulness. Humour is a flavour they definitely savour!

5. Often, the FREE-SPIRITED INDIVIDUALISTS are the ones who remain emotionally solid and secure. They ditch and dump the negative opinions of others, and don’t hook up to others’ definitions of success. They only look up to their own set of ideals, virtues, goals, and dreams. They’re definitely not people pleasers; yet, they do have this magnetic charisma about them. Their confidence is extremely attractive!

6. Where do you think, the emotionally steady ones got their resilience from? Yes, they’ve had a jittery past! They’re often the ones, who endured the vicissitudes of time. They’ve fought many a battles, and they’ve borne the brunt; but eventually what made them strong was that they chose to go on.

7. A great sense of clarity and focus, a gritty resolve, and untiring persistence - those virtues become the brick and mortar of emotional vigour.

8. Through the highs and lows, twists and turns, wonders and woes of this adventure of a life, the tough ones usually manage to maintain a stable mind and a sturdy heart. How? Well, by tuning in to their inner wisdom and stillness. There is always a still and silent space within each one of us; and no matter how turbulent things get on the outside, we all have access to that quiet place within. Like often professed, happiness is indeed an inside job; dependant not on the outside circumstances, but on the inner disposition of the mind.

9. The spirited ones perceive things positively. And that is what makes a big difference! This knack of perceiving trials as opportunities of growth and learning the invaluable lessons of life is what differentiates the timid from the bold.

10. Emotional firmness is all about taking responsibility and owning up when needed. It has nothing to do with playing the victim, or garnering sympathy. Those with a mighty heart are often the ones with a magnanimous spirit.

11. Being able to release the past is one of the most striking virtues of the emotionally tenacious. They’ve lived the past and learned the lessons and that’s where it all ends. Present is too precious to be soiled by the muck of the past.

12. There’s a strong sense of firmness about mentally tough people. They value time - both theirs and others’. They don’t shy away from saying ‘NO’, when trifles threaten to nibble their priorities.

13. Like everything else, emotion is energy. The only vital question is what do you expend your energy on? Do you allow space for drama, chaos, criticism, and gossip? Do you allow the energy vampires to deflect your focus? Do you choose your friends wisely? All these factors are pivotal in determining the level of your emotional serenity. Emotionally strong people are never deranged by drama.

14. To be able to stay emotionally robust, one requires consistent refuelling. Courage, power, and stability come from constantly feeding on positive thoughts. It takes practice. It takes persistence. It takes tremendous focus and control, to be able to cement the virtue of strength. And once it becomes a part of your being and a way of life, there’s nothing that can hold you back. You tend to emit vivacity; vivacity so contagious and inescapable, that you can’t help but impact others (knowingly or unknowingly) in the most profound ways.

15. The emotionally secure ones never do shy away from genuinely complimenting and appreciating other people. They tend to magnify others’ strengths, infuse hope, and pull them up. Coloured or sarcastic remarks that enervate others, or cause embarrassment aren’t favoured by these generous spirits.

16. Lastly, being strong doesn’t mean that you never break. Being strong means that even if you break into a million pieces, you still have the courage to pick those pieces up, put them back together, and keep going on. If you’re the who’s still trying, thriving, and going on, with an unflinching faith in your heart, then you indeed are the strong and resilient one.

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